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2005: Cliff's Amusement Park erhält drei Neuheiten
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Cliff's Amusement Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA erhält drei neue Attraktionen:

Scheinbar alle oder einige davon sind einfach umgesetzt.
- Cliff Hanger - Freifallturm von A.R.M. clhangpg2.htm
- Musik Express von Mack musicpg2.htm
- Falling Star von Chance Rides fstarpg2.htm Cliff Hanger is a 132-foot-tall drop tower that features an 80 foot drop. It will carry 12 passengers per cycle and drop them in a complete freefall. The ride promises to give great views of the entire park and the city of Albuquerque. Cliff Hanger looks to be like the A.R.M Drop Towers that were installed at Castles n' Coasters in Phoenix and Bell's in Tulsa last season.

Musik Express is the second of the additions. This Mack-built Musik Express will feature over 2000 lights and an impressive sound system, according to the park. From a picture on the website, it looks as though this could be the Musik Express that operated at the now defunct Miracle Strip amusement park.

The final of the three new rides is the Falling Star. The 65-foot tall Falling Star will give great positive and negative G Forces during the ride and was manufactured by Chance Rides.

Cliff's Amusement Park opens for the season on April 2nd. See their official Web site for times, dates and prices. Stay Tuned to ThrillNetwork for a review of Cliff's Amusement Park in May. 895
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