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Good and cheaper restaurant near Europa Park
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Silvia Forghieri
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Link zum Beitrag #504218 Verfasst am Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2007 10:30
Hello to everybody.
I'm looking for some good and cheaper restaurant or pizza place near Europa Park.
I know there are Burger King and Mc Donald only a few km from the park and a Pizza Hut.
I'll be in Rust on 1 January for visiting EP in 2 Jan and I'm wondering if Pizza Hut is open or not.

In Italy 1 Jan is and Holiday day and some restaurants don't work because they work on the night before for the New Years Eve dinner.

Any info about Pizza Hut? In case it is closed, any other suggestion?
Silvia Forghieri
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Link zum Beitrag #504239 Verfasst am Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2007 13:41 Relax
Hello Silvia,

there are two pizza restaurants near Europa-Park: One of them is located opposite the Science House near the main entrance. You can see it next to the "Hotel am Park". The other one is called "Pizzeria Après Park" and you have to walk further to get there: past the Science House, along Europa-Park (past the Schlossgarten, over the bridge), turn left at the T-junction at the main road and continue walking until you can see the pizza restaurant on the left side. The question of whether these restaurants are cheap or not depends on your point of view but I personally think that the prices are ok.
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