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LEGOLAND® opens Haunted House in 2014
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Pressemeldung vom 4.10.2013 LEGOLAND® opens Haunted House in 2014

Today, LEGOLAND® announced the park’s new attraction for 2014. Ghost – The Haunted House is an 800-square-metre haunted gold-digger’s mansion hiding a nerve-racking interactive LEGO® experience. Visitors will encounter spirits from the afterlife, and take part in a crazy floating experiment ending in an exhilarating free-fall. All in a fascinating LEGO setting, the likes of which have never been seen before in LEGOLAND.

The moment you step inside the hall of the almost deserted gold-digger’s mansion on the outskirts of LEGOREDO® Town, you realise that here there is more between heaven and earth. LEGO® creatures led on by Dracula spread rumours of a crazy scientist performing crazy experiments in the building’s cellar. As courageous visitors large and small move through the long, dark corridors, they encounter realistic LEGO scenes concealing even more of the mansion’s occupants. Silly mice, scary werewolves and monsters behind the old shelving take the haunted house experience to completely new and hair-raising levels.

Along the way, visitors are enticed into a 50-square-metre mirror labyrinth before finally ending up down in the cellar. Here the crazy scientist is waiting, and before visitors have a chance to think twice, they find themselves playing leading parts in a tremendous floating experiment in two drop towers eight metres above ground level, before finally hurtling downwards in free fall.

“Ghost will be a unique attraction, unparalleled in every way. The combination of a completely new and fascinating journey through an interactive LEGO universe coupled with a stomach-churning trip in the scientist's floating machine strikes a perfect balance between laughter and sheer terror,” says LEGOLAND Billund’s CEO Henrik Höhrmann.

Chilling experience on three floors
The intense 800 square metres are distributed across two floors, where more than 140 unique LEGO models specially designed for Ghost bring the experience to life. Once inside the mansion, visitors will feel in no doubt that the plot is thickening, but details on the building’s exterior also reveal that you need to keep a watchful eye: The timber-clad outer walls are dark and imposing, several windows are boarded up with large planks, and statues of bats dot the façade. The top of the roof towers 15 metres above the ground, which in itself is enough to give you butterflies in your tummy.

“Ghost will be a new element in our almost legendary LEGOREDO Town. Even though the haunted house is a classic amusement park attraction, Ghost will raise the bar for what has previously been seen in similarly themed north European amusement parks,” explains Henrik Höhrmann.

Biggest investment ever in LEGOLAND
With investments totalling DKK 80 million, 2014 will be the biggest investment years in LEGOLAND Billund’s history. Ghost - The Haunted House alone is costing DKK 36 million, in addition to which Hotel LEGOLAND is building yet another LEGO themed wing for DKK 27 million. The 24 new rooms will be designed with a new ‘Knights’ theme, increasing the hotel’s total capacity by 12 per cent to 223 rooms.

In 2014, LEGOLAND is also opening the doors to newly renovated and LEGO themed accommodation in the form of the LEGOLAND Holiday Village. Here, the former FDM Billund Camping and the LEGOLAND Village hostel have been extensively refurbished and themed at a cost of DKK 17 million.

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