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Chile . BE
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My Name is Nicolás, and I had another account since like 2006, but I didn't make a real use of it, so I made a new one 'cause I forgot my old password.

I'm 22 and I'm a big fan of flat rides (I also like RollerCoasters, but not much as flat rides).
Here in Chile we have just one amusement park (Fantasilandia in Santiago, Chile) and actually I joined because we have some rides that are in your topics like HUSS Top Spin and HUSS Ikarus (Der Mythos).

Also, I love photography and films, so I'll do some projects with Amusement Parks/Rides.
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Deutschland . NW
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Link zum Beitrag #923413 Verfasst am Mittwoch, 26. Februar 2014 20:14 Relax

welcome (back) to onride. It would be great, if you share some of pictures fron chile with us. In our database are a lot of pictures, especially from traveling flatrides.
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