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The Lethal Weapon Pursuit was a rollercoaster build by Intamin.

It opened in 1996 in Warner Bros. Movie World Germany.

I was a twintrack multilooper, partly inside a building, containing special effects , some fire-effects.

After a cueline it started in a small movietheater where you saw scenes from the Lethal Weapon francise, after that you walked outside past a back alley with a policecar and some more theming, entering the main building one could choose for one track or the other, when both tracks where used then ussaly both trains started at the same time.

After a small lifthill the first " racing"-part followed and then in the " elevator"-building.. this was a 360-degree vertical loop inside a building, then the tracks seperated, to join each other again shortly before the 2nd lifthill, both track made a 180dgree right turn and dived in a straight line into the building a small airtime moment and just before exciting the building a car was launched from the left with some fire/explosion effect... then both track went into the barrelroll... they rolled to each other.

Too bad that most / all the effects got broken / removed also after Warner Bros. stopped exploiting the park they had the name changed to Cop Car Chase and the storyline was gone. It was a nice coaster to ride, not too big but special since it was one of a kind, after many years of many problems with the ride it got closed down in 2006.

Luckely I already had video footage of it.

Onride firstrow of righttrack
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