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Tripsdrill 17 september 2017
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Perhaps a lesser known park, Tripsdrill in Cleebronn.
Tripsdrill is combination of nature and amusement park. The nature
park is called "Wildparadies Tripsdrill" and the amusement park is
called "Erlebnispark Tripsdrill". This review is only about the
amusement park, the oher park is included in all tickets for the
Erlebnispark and a small wagontrain drives from one park to the other
for a small upcharge. It is also possible to drive by own car since on
both parks the carpark is for free ! It is also possible to only visit the nature park, for a very fair price, the nature park is open year round.

Tripsdrill is a family owned and run park , it was founded by the
grandfather of the current 3 owners. It all started small, the main
attraction was a slide in a windmill, of which was said that it would
make old woman young again, thus the name "Alt weiber muhle" (old
woman mill) later other rides were added, back in those days the owner got
inspired by certain things he had seen in Efteling in the Netherlands.

The location of the park is a area with hills, on those hills grapes
are grown to make wine. So some themingelements inside the park have
to with making wine, there is a small winemuseum and a ride in which
one is seated inside a winelikebarrel.

When entering the park, you have a feeling that you are in old
village, on the righthandside inside those "old" buildings is a
childernsplay area and also a museumlike element with toys from the

Several rides inside the park have been built by the park or
esspecially for the park, at the end of the villagestreet we have the
"Maibaum" , it is one of many caroussellike rides they have in
Tripsdrill. On this one te ride cycle has two parts, in the first part
it turns slower and with a lever the rides choose at what height they
will turn, later all gondolas go to one and the same height and it spins
much faster.

So we have slide inside a windmill, there is also a watermill. The
watermill is the "Alt Manner muhle" (old men mill) this one holds
funhouse elements both inside and outside. At a small lake we find Tripsdrill version of a splash battle, the "cannons" have very different shapes and one person in the front has to steer the boat and use a pedal to propel it, under the waterline there guidelines but one has a lot of freedom to steer the boat. At the lake there is a small freefalltower, better said, two of them.

An other Tripsdrillonly ride are the soapboxes, this ride has two modes .. child / adult. A child only has to put a foot on the pedal and it drives following the tracklesssystem by radioreceivers. In adultmode you have to use the steeringwheel to try to correctlt match each turn, if you do that it drives faster bu there is a catch... the steeringwheel is not connected at the actual steering at all so you have to be carefull in your input. On busier days they only let childern ride , because of low capacity.

There is juniorflume ride , but it wouldn't be tripsdrillthen would it? so here you sit inside a wheat sack. Many other rides have " strange" theme to them aswell. A speedcaroussel where you sit inside a pair of shoes, a tea cupride where the building is a huge coffeegrinder.

Let's look inside Tripsdrill 5:49 video of impressions

Did you ever heard of this park, what do you think of it?
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