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Zwei neue Giant Frisbees in Japan eröffnet
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Amusement Today Two HUSS Giant Rides Open This Summer In Japan - Fujikyu Highland and Nagashima Spaland add Giant Frisbees (Aug 9, 2004; 4:20 PM) Two Japanese parks added HUSS’s popular Giant Frisbees to their ride mix this summer: Nagashima Spaland and Fujikyu Highland.

Located near Osaka, Nagashima Spaland attracts over 4 million visitors annually. This is the second HUSS Frisbee for the popular park which purchased a Classic Frisbee in 1995. The ride’s undiminished popularity among guests and solid reliability led to the Park’s decision to add a Giant Frisbee this year. The massive 13-story Giant Frisbee with its distinctive blue, yellow and silver theming makes a bold statement at Nagashima Spaland that attracts riders from every corner of the Park.

Quelle: HUSSFujikyuFrisbee.jpg

A second Giant Frisbee was installed at Fujikyu Highland which is located in the Yamanashi Prefecture, just west of Tokyo. The park selected a unique bold red and white theming with the words Pizza-LA emblazoned along the pendulum arm. The ride has already become a park favorite since it opened in June.

The Giant Frisbee is a powerful ride that seats 50 outward-facing riders, legs dangling free in the air, around a continuous ring. In operation, the ring spins rapidly at the end of a giant arm that swings back and forth rocketing riders up to 137 feet in the air. Riders are spiraled in a 120-degree arc. The HUSS Giant Frisbee is a guaranteed adrenalin rush that appeals to young riders.

“With the opening of the Giant Frisbees at Fujikyu Highland and Nagashima Spaland, HUSS has proven that there is a demand for the Giant Rides in Asia,” said Wolfgang Richter. “The Giant Rides offer an exciting rider experience with proven marketability that has worldwide appeal.”

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