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Neu 2023: Six Flags Qiddiya @ Riyadh/Riad
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Link zum Beitrag #998972 Verfasst am Donnerstag, 05. April 2018 01:11
Mit der Erfahrung, dem Wissen und dem Namen von Six Flags einen Park bauen? Warum nicht! – Nach China und Dubai kommt jetzt Saudi Arabien; in der Hauptstadt Riad (Riyadh, 6,5 Mio. EW, ca. 20 Counts in der Stadt) soll unter Six Flags Lizenz ein neuer Freizeitpark entstehen. Gestern wurde die Kooperation bekannt gegeben, die ein mögliches Parkszenario prüfen und planen soll.

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Wurst mit Ketchup, bitte. Aber zuvor nochmal auf's Klo. Und Grüße in den Gang.
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Link zum Beitrag #1017576 Verfasst am Montag, 26. August 2019 18:37 Relax
Heute gab es erstmal offizielle Informationen von Six Flags, der Park wird gebaut und bekommt eine Rekordachterbahn. Schnellste, höchste und längste Bahnd er Welt. Das POV gibt es bei Twitter zu sehen.

Das wichtigste zuerst (POV): 1165924967621550081

RIYADH, 26 August, 2019: Qiddiya Investment Company (QIC) today unveiled the design for Six Flags Qiddiya, one of the key entertainment facilities in a new city that is being built just outside Riyadh, and is destined to become the Kingdom’s capital of entertainment, sports and the arts.

“Our vision is to make Six Flags Qiddiya a theme park that delivers all the thrills and excitement that audiences from all over the world have come to expect from the Six Flags brand, and to elevate those experiences with authentic themes connected to the location. As a place that will create indelible memories and moments of delight, telling stories that resonate with our guests is a central notion that will be evident throughout Qiddiya,” said Michael Reininger, Chief Executive Officer of QIC.

Six Flags Qiddiya will be one of the key entertainment features in Qiddiya’s first phase when it opens in 2023. The rides and attractions found in each land have been designed exclusively for Qiddiya and include many that will set world records.

“The Six Flags brand began in 1961 when we opened as our first park, Six Flags Over Texas, which was themed according to the six flags that once flew over Texas. At Six Flags Qiddiya, we return to that heritage by creating six immersive lands designed for Saudis of all ages who seek family entertainment experiences steeped in their rich culture and history. We are thrilled to be part of a project of such scale and scope and are proud to celebrate this milestone with Qiddiya,” said David McKillips, President of Six Flags International Development Company.

Six Flags Qiddiya will cover 32 hectares (79 acres) and feature 28 rides and attractions across the six lands: The City of Thrills, Discovery Springs, Steam Town, Twilight Gardens, Valley of Fortune and Grand Exposition.

The Citadel is the central hub of the park. It is covered by a billowing canopy form inspired by traditional Bedouin tents. It holds a variety of shops and cafes and transforms into an interactive show space throughout the day. From here guests can pass through gateways to enter each of the themed lands.

The City of Thrills is the embodiment of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030: a forward-looking, boundary-pushing, future city anchored in Arabic design motifs. Here visitors will find Six Flags Qiddiya’s most recognizable and anticipated thrill rides. The Falcon’s Flight, inspired by the Kingdom’s iconic raptor, will be the longest, tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world, while the Sirocco Tower will break more records with the world’s tallest drop-tower ride.

Discovery Springs reflects Qiddiya’s unique and timeless relationship between the desert and the sea as its collection of rides and experiences play with elements of earth and water. It is an aquatic wonderland of waterfalls, aqueducts and geysers, as well as exotic plants and trees. This oasis offers visitors relief from the summer heat by creating the feel of a dense rainforest in the middle of the desert. Visitors to Discovery Springs will discover a first-of-its-kind interactive ride called the Sea Stallion, where riders are propelled over rivers, behind waterfalls and through trees along a custom-designed course, as they control the speed and acceleration of their horse.

Steam Town is where the past and future collide in a rugged frontier town that is powered by steam and echoes with screams. Themed around mechanical marvels and a collection of dynamic contraptions, the land’s signature ride is the Iron Rattler Mine Train. On this ride the best elements of a roller coaster are linked with a dark ride to create a hydraulic lift which releases passengers into a freefall plunge through a narrow, steam-filled mineshaft. Other key features of Steam Town include the Sawmill Falls Water Coaster which combines a roller coaster track with a splashing boat ride, a spinning mechanical ride called the Bull Rider and a custom-themed climbing structure called the Treehouse Trek.

Twilight Gardens is an oversized landscape of the imagination filled with colorful flowers and friendly creatures, all specially designed for younger visitors and their families. This enchanted land’s key features include the Twilight Express Coaster, which takes passengers through a majestic garden, the Critter Chase, an interactive dark ride set in a 3D environment, and the Kaleidoscope hot air balloon ride.

Valley of Fortune is an exciting land of adventure that takes place amidst time-worn architectural ruins of old Arabian masonry, enlivened by the activity and trade of fortune seekers from around the world. This land’s signature attraction is Spitfire, a triple-launch coaster, which will take guests into a sky roll before an acrobatic stall and a breathtaking dive back to the valley floor. Other features of Valley of Fortune include Skywatch, a hydraulic boom ride where riders are lifted into the sky, the auto-themed Treasure Trail and the Aeromax, a family plane ride that swings and rotates freely over the park.

Grand Exposition is a celebration of innovation combining the nostalgia of traditional carnival midways with the greatest feats of science and technology such as the Gyrospin Pendulum, which swings riders to record heights. It is also home to Six Flags’ classic and most loved coaster Colossus, a gravity-driven wood-steel hybrid roller coaster that stretches over an 800-metre track. The land also features the Arabian Carousel, where Arabian horses march in a circular parade, the Expo Flyer swinging ride and Automania, with bumper car attractions themed as London cabs.

With an incredible mix of rides and attractions throughout six unique lands, Six Flags Qiddiya is set to become the theme park that breaks all records for family fun and entertainment in the Kingdom.

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Der Coaster sieht aus wie meine ersten Gehversuche in No Limits.
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Link zum Beitrag #1017579 Verfasst am Montag, 26. August 2019 21:16 Relax
Ich hatte kurz Sorge, ob dadurch die Dichte an Six-Flags-Parks in der arabischen Wüste nicht zu groß wird - war dann aber schnell beruhigt: Die Distanz bis zu ihrem nächsten Park in Dubai beträgt immerhin fast 1000 Kilometer! S
"Jeder Tag, an dem Du nicht hechelst, ist ein verlorener Tag!" (Bonzaii! Inc. 2004)
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Link zum Beitrag #1017582 Verfasst am Montag, 26. August 2019 21:58 Relax
Welcher Six-Flags-Park in Dubai?
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Link zum Beitrag #1017587 Smartphone verfasst am Dienstag, 27. August 2019 08:07 4 gefällt das Relax
K-Loop Der Coaster sieht aus wie meine ersten Gehversuche in No Limits.

Ich hab spontan eher an 'Achterbahn Designer' gedacht. (Dafür bist du vermutlich zu jung. S)

Das Video ist schon sehr peinlich...

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Link zum Beitrag #1017590 Verfasst am Dienstag, 27. August 2019 12:07 Relax
Aber auch nur vermutlich S
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Link zum Beitrag #1017600 Verfasst am Dienstag, 27. August 2019 15:49 Relax
Bin gespannt, was von dem Projekt übrig bleibt. Ich mein, an der Knete wird es vermutlich nicht scheitern, aber wie man einen derart schnellen Highspeed Coaster, wo drei mal Geschwindigkeiten jenseits der 200 gefahren werden soll und das bei Außentemperaturen jenseits von gut und böse einigermaßen haltbar gemacht werden soll, ist mir ein Rätsel. Dazu sind ja auch dei Fahrgäste den Temperaturen und der Belastung ausgesetzt.
Move your Car
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Link zum Beitrag #1017601 Verfasst am Dienstag, 27. August 2019 16:01 Relax
Der Fahrtwind kühlt doch alles.
Carpe omnia!
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Link zum Beitrag #1017605 Verfasst am Dienstag, 27. August 2019 16:58 1 gefällt das Relax
Schon ein bizarrer Gedanke, dass in Magic Mountain die Bahnen gesperrt wurden, um eine Horde Saudis in entsprechender Bekleidung dabei zu filmen, wie sie vergnügt Achterbahn fahren.

Bis der Coaster steht - und fährt - bleibe ich jedenfalls ebenfalls mehr als skeptisch S
In memory of Space Mountain - De la terre à la lune - RIP 1/16/2005
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Link zum Beitrag #1017613 Verfasst am Dienstag, 27. August 2019 18:58 Relax
Ich tippe auf eine deutlich verkleinerte Bahn, wahrscheinlich von der Stange.
Der frühe Vogel fängt den Wurm- aber die zweite Maus bekommt den Käse.
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Link zum Beitrag #1017619 Verfasst am Dienstag, 27. August 2019 22:50 Relax
Was zum Teufel... S Erinnert mich an diese Bahn die zur aktiven Sterbehilfe als Konzept entworfen wurde. S
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