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Da ich hier bisher nichts dazu gelesen habe, hier die offizielle Pressemitteilung.

Looping Group Press release - October 10th, 2019


Mubadala Capital, the financial investment arm of Mubadala Investment Company, one of the world’s leading sovereign wealth funds, today announced that it intends to acquire a significant stake in Looping Group (“Looping”, the “Group”) from Ergon Capital (“Ergon”) and BPI France. The transaction will enable the Group CEO (Laurent Bruloy) and General Manager (Stéphane Da Cunha) to jointly control Looping alongside Mubadala Capital.

Looping Group is currently one of the leading operators of regional leisure parks in Europe. Created in 2011, the Group consists of 15 parks across four types including wildlife parks, theme parks, water parks and aquariums. The parks are located across seven countries including France, Switzerland, Netherlands, U.K., Spain, Portugal and Germany, and counts around 4.6 million visitors per annum for turnover in excess of €110 million.

Looping operates a diversified park portfolio that offers a strong value proposition with solid operational and financial performance led by a highly-experienced and skilled management team. The Group’s strong organic growth complements its proven buy-and-build strategy as well as its brownfield project development. With the support of Mubadala Capital, Looping intends to accelerate the successful execution of its long-term strategy by maximizing opportunities provided by its existing portfolio, expanding through selective acquisitions and continuingthe development of in-situ lodging in several parks.

Laurent Bruloy, President and Founder of Looping Group, said: “We would be delighted to partner with Mubadala to further implement our pan-European growth strategy and are convinced that their support will allow us to further accelerate our development. This operation would also provide us the opportunity to further reinforce our position in the Group’s shareholding and jointly control Looping alongside our new partner. We thank Ergon Capital for their help and support over the past years.”

Stéphane da Cunha, General Manager of Looping, added: “Mubadala would be the perfect partner, sharing our long term vision and ambitions, to develop our Group through our three strategic pillars: strengthen the attractiveness of our sites, leverage our concept of immersive and exclusive accommodations at a larger scale in our wildlife parks
and accelerate our buy-and-build strategy, being the natural consolidator of the European regional leisure parks market”.

Adib Mattar, Head of Private Equity at Mubadala Capital, said: "Mubadala Capital is pleased to announce its prospective acquisition of a significant stake in Looping Group, alongside Laurent Bruloy and Stéphane Da Cunha.
This investment is in line with our strategy of partnering with strong, founder-led businesses with high growth potential.”

Wolfgang de Limburg, Managing Partner of Ergon, commented on the transaction: “We are very pleased with our successful partnership with Looping’s management team. Over the life of this investment, Ergon supported the Group’s significant expansion in new geographies through acquisitions of flagship parks and significant investments in infrastructures and a new accommodation activity, while keeping a constant focus on operational excellence and safety. We trust that Looping and its outstanding management team will succeed in further creating value in the future and are convinced that Mubadala will be an excellent partner for the Group’s next phase of growth”

The relevant employee representatives of Looping will be informed and consulted in respect of the contemplated transaction, the completion of which would be subject to antitrust approval in Germany.
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