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Bislang ihn eHinweis auf den Ort (im Norden von Peru) zeigt ein Video bei YT, welches wohlig Rahmen der Ausstellung in Barcelona veröffentlicht wurde, einen Plan für den Bau eines modernen Freizeitparks in Peru.

von Bea Mitchell
Zitat Inka Park, the first world-class theme park resort in Latin America, has been revealed at the IAAPA Expo Europe 2021. Located on the coast of Peru, Inka Park will be an incredible world inspired by Inca history and culture.
Featuring more than 50 themed attractions in a natural setting, Inka Park will be home to mysterious ruins, archaeological adventures and immersive lands.
“Inka Park is a project that follows the Peruvian dream,” said Jaime Paredess, director of communications at Inka Park. “Inka Park is unlike anything that Peru or Latin America have ever seen.”
Inka Park is created around the story of 16-year-old Sayri, who lives in a farming village at the base of the Andes. After learning that his village is in danger, Sayri embarks on a mission to save his friends and family.
Opening in 2025, Inka Park will be located in northern Peru. It will feature a theme park made up of six themed lands, as well as resort offerings that include a water park, golf course and an Eden Project.
Much like Disney and Universal, Inka Park will feature an entertainment district called Carnaval Boulevard, home to attractions, shows, music and F&B. Carnaval Boulevard borrows elements from all Latin American cultures.
Inka Park includes hotels, water park

“Inka Park understands climate change is an issue and needs to be addressed, Inka Park, therefore, is a zero-emissions project,” Paredess added. “Inka Park does not want to take away from people, but wants to bring the latest technology for Peruvians to benefit.”
Yaku World Waterpark will feature water slides, relaxing beaches and hidden treasures. The resort’s Gran Theater will host spectacular shows that focus on awe-inspiring tales from Inca culture.
In addition, the Inka Hotel is designed in the style of Inca architecture, and will feature amenities including a fitness center, casino, spa, pools and gardens.
Inti Village is a themed bungalow park offering Inca-style family accommodation. Inti Village amenities include an indoor water park, shopping centre and arcade.
The resort’s Golf Park features a 36-hole golf course and indoor golf club, complete with nods to Inca culture. Inka Park describes the golf attraction as ‘one of the most unique courses in the world’.
Jora Vision lead development partner

The Heritage Park is a place to relax and connect with nature. Attractions include a maze, carousel, boat ride, petting zoo, aquarium, water sports area, and arts and crafts market.
The Eden Project is also taking its eco-tourism projects to Peru, with Inka Park featuring its own version. Developers also plan to build a climate-neutral city called Moche City adjacent to Inka Park.
The theme park itself will house six immersive areas covering a total surface area of 500 hectares – Adventure Town, Expedition Paititi, Amaru River Valley, Spirit Grove, Cloud Forest, and City of the Sun.
Adventure Town is a riverside settlement, while Expedition Paititi is a jungle-themed environment, and Amaru River Valley is an Inca village and home to Sayri.
Spirit Grove is a vibrant and magical land, and Cloud Forest is a mysterious jungle that features mountain trails and ruins. City of the Sun is the sprawling capital of the Inka Empire.
Jora Vision, a leading design and production company, is the lead development partner for Inka Park.

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Zitat Plans to open a major theme park in northern Peru were unveiled at IAAPA Expo Europe 2021. The park will be called Inka Park and if the plans stay on track, it would be ready to open by 2025. The six different themed lands and approximately 50 attractions would be themed around a unified story about a 16-year old who lives in a village at the base of the Andes mountains to go on an adventure to save friends and family. The vision for the complex would also include the Inka Hotel, the Yaka World Waterpark, a theater/performance venue, golf course and an Eden Project added to the property along with Carnaval Boulevard, described as an entertainment and dining district. Jora Vision is working as the “lead development partner” for Inka Park. inka_park.htm
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