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Besotón - Six Flags Mexico im Stress mit LGTBQ
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Zitat (1/1/22) In a fascinating move, events that took place earlier this week at Six Flags Mexico have resulted in the corporate Six Flags office dropping an old chain-wide policy banning public displays of affection. It all started on Wednesday when a gay couple at Six Flags Mexico were apparently spotted kissing while in line for a ride. Before long a group of park security members arrived on the scene, removed from the line and soon after they were also taken by security to the park exit and asked to leave.
Word spread quickly and LGBTQ social media activists asked for locals to arrive at the park entrance the next morning for a “kissathon” event in protest of the previous day’s events. To their credit, Six Flags corporate management got caught up on exactly what took place and responded fairly quickly, and before the end of the day they had posted a chain-wide policy revision stating that the old policy that “discourages guests from being overly affectionate” in their parks was originally intended just to maintain a “family-friendly atmosphere” and that it “applied equally to all guests, regards of race, religion, gender of sexual orientation.”
Regardless of how the policy was worded, I’d say that anyone with eyes who ever visited a park could probably tell you that the policy was likely not viewed to be equally enforced across all demographics and orientations. But the good news is that the policy is now no more. According to the statement from Six Flags, “based on guest feedback, we have determined that having a policy that speaks to affectionate behavior is not necessary and we have removed the policy.”
I doubt this will be the end of the issue just yet as there are already complaints that a statement about a change in policy is not the same as an apology, which is what is also wanted at this time by many.

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Queer kiss-a-thon staged at Six Flags Mexico theme park in response to ‘homophobia’
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