Bosque Magico in Mexiko
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Park schloss am 28.08.22 für immer
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Der Park wurde nach dem 28.08,2022 geschlossen. Was mit den Rides geschehen wird bleibt abzuwarten.

Zitat According to an official post on Twitter, the Bosque Magico theme park has confirmed that the famous Mexico theme park will close FOREVER on August 28, 2022. According to a rough translation of the rest of the text in the tweet, it sounds like the local government is taking possession of the park’s property to move ahead with some kind of “Great Park” project. The exact translation seems to be, “As reported today through the government authorities of the Municipality of Guadalupe, Bosque Mágico joins the "Great Park" project with the donation of our infrastructure in favor of citizenship.”
The use of the phrase “donation of our infrastructure” does raise an eyebrow, as I’m not sure if the park is willing closing down for this or if this is another case, sort of like La Feria Chapultepec Magico, where that entire park is also in the middle of being torn down to make way for a larger civic project from their local government, as these parks may only be essentially leasing the property they sit upon from the government.
In either case, it is sad to see a second theme park in Mexico shut down. In recient times Bosque Magico was most famous for having the Zombie Ride, a Premier Ride’s SkyRocket II clone that featured a unique station that offered two sided loading, allowing trains to slide over into the launch position for the ride while a second train would be reloaded from the other station.
Zombie Ride (2015) and the park’s Policias y Ratones (Zamperla Spinning Coaster - 2016) will both likely be sold on the used ride market fairly quickly, while I would have to guess that the park’s Tornado (Vekoma Whirlwild) will likely be scrapped due to age, as it originally came from Bobbejaanland where it ran from 1982 to 1999 before reopening in Mexico in 2001. smaller_parks.htm
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