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The Curse at Alton Towers | Neugestaltung Dark Ride
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Zitat ‘The Curse at Alton Manor’: Alton Towers shares first look at new spooky dark ride

The Curse at Alton Manor is the park’s most immersive dark ride to date.
Words: Bea Mitchell

Alton Towers has unveiled its new dark ride, ‘The Curse at Alton Manor’. The haunted house ride-through attraction is replacing Duel and opens in spring 2023.
Per a press release, The Curse at Alton Manor is the park’s most immersive dark ride to date. Alton Towers has confirmed the attraction will provide a haunting experience for children and adults.
Riders will embark on a “hair-raising journey through the spectacular twists and turns of the cursed manor”.
The developers of The Curse at Alton Manor have found “new and imaginable ways to scare and surprise fans” through state-of-the-art special effects and visuals that have never been seen before in a UK theme park.

“The Curse at Alton Manor is no ordinary dark ride,” said Kate McBirnie, head of product excellence at Alton Towers.
“It has all the components of a supernatural tale – it’s dark, compelling and promises some thrilling and scary moments along the way. Fans of eerie rides will certainly appreciate this one.”
The spooky site of Alton Manor was once home to the Duel attraction, which was closed after the building was repossessed due to unnatural activity in the area.
Merlin Entertainments’ recently retired chief development officer Mark ‘Fish’ Fisher confirmed the haunted house’s revamp earlier this month.
New haunted house attraction

The eerie attraction, which first opened in 1992, has been closed since September 2022. Fisher said the new ride will be “more like the original”.
“We have shut the ride so that we can redo it. It will be more like the original Haunted House, with a completely new story. Some of the old Victorian techniques – the use of mirrors, for example – are still so good,” he said.
More information about The Curse at Alton Manor‘s petrifying past will be shared next month, Alton Towers said.
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Ich hätte ja gehofft, sie machen mit dem alten Charly Darkride etwas, statt dem guten Duel an den Kragen zu gehen Smilie :282: - soundmachine - 460936 Zugriffe
Es gibt immer einen Grund sich zu freuen.
... warum eigentlich nur einen?
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Ist in dem Gebäude vom Charlie Darkride nicht inzwischen das Dungeon?
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