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Valhalla eröffnet wieder
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Nach umfangreicher Renovierung macht Valhalla zu dieser Saison wieder auf. Hier die Pressemitteilung:

Zitat The legend returns: Blackpool Pleasure Beach confirms Valhalla is back for 2023 season

Following a £4 million investment, Blackpool Pleasure Beach has officially announced the return of the world’s best dark ride, Valhalla in time for the park’s 2023 season

After much anticipation, Blackpool Pleasure Beach has officially announced that Valhalla will return in 2023. Following a £4 million investment, the UK’s wettest ride is set to reopen for technical rehearsals this April with some exciting new features.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach has confirmed the ride is back for the 2023 season at today’s (Wednesday 15th March) annual season launch.

Featuring many of the exciting elements that made the ride so popular when it first opened in 2000, the team at Blackpool Pleasure Beach have hinted that there are some surprises in store now that the ride has been truly brought into the modern era.

Riders can expect to be taken on a fantastical journey to Valhalla, boarding a longboat and journeying into a parallel world guided by a brave Viking named Ivàr. There, they will encounter the spirit of Odin and pass into the afterlife to try to make it to Valhalla. While on their journey, riders will get to experience the elements - fire, ice and lots of water.

Amanda Thompson OBE, CEO of Blackpool Pleasure Beach, comments: “We know how long fans have been waiting for us to announce the reopening of Valhalla, and we’re confident they won’t be disappointed with our reimagining of one of the country’s best-loved rides.

“The team has been hard at work behind the scenes, and we can’t wait to have the famous Valhalla waterfall back on in the park once more. Guests will be able to experience the ride through technical rehearsals this April.

“Valhalla has well and truly been given the reimagining it deserves, now boasting some exciting new features and impressive sustainability credentials to help ensure the ride is more environmentally friendly - without compromising on the sense of adventure for which it’s been known for many years.”

Adam Slevin, Director of Creative, Design & Experience at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, who has headed up the Valhalla project, said: “The reopening of the UK’s most beloved water ride has been a tricky secret to keep, so it’s fantastic to be able to confirm we will be bringing back Valhalla for the 2023 season.

“We are initially opening Valhalla for technical rehearsals which means that the ride may operate intermittently throughout the day and some elements of the attraction may not be functioning.”

“We appreciate our guest’s patience as we’ve carried out this huge project, working alongside countless industry experts to enhance ride experience and give guests a well-deserved surprise. The legend has returned to Blackpool Pleasure Beach and we couldn’t be more excited.”

Valhalla will reopen for technical rehearsals this April.

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Dann hoffen wir mal, das im Mai alles reibungslos läuft.
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Der liegt irgendwo zwischen Lifthill und Schlussbremse.
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"Brought into the modern era."
"More sustainable/ Environmentally friendly"

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